Lemi The Space Wanderer Plush Toy

Lemi The Space Wanderer Plush Toy
Price : IDR 65,000 
[+ secret gift inside the bag!]

Lemi the Space Wanderer are a hybrid between television and bunny, he got lost in space while sleep walking, and now he’s trying find his way back home. While fighting and eating monster on the way.
Slanted Toys just released another batch of Eric “Thunderpanda” Wirjanata’s Lemi the Space Wanderer plush, now made of fluffy material, which they’ve said it was coming from a small home industry vendor that cut the pattern, stitch the plush one by one using a soft anf fluffy material filled with love and passion.

* order to : omuniuum@gmail.com/order@omuniuum.net
Dont forget your name, address and phone number or simply contact us at phone 022-2038279 or text us at 087821836088.

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